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Short fur vest OL warmth winter

Fur Outer WearCold winter come to hate bloated down jacket, nor like a thick coat of wool clothing, rather than try to choose a fur vest that suits you. Luxury and light, not only bring you warm in cold weather, and boost your career temperament, adds to your infinite charm.

In winter, warm fur, brings noble atmosphere, winter without fur, fashion glory will suddenly bleak, black fur vest even more lavish extravagance. This match shows biggest fan in Europe and America.

Soft and luxurious fur has been well received by the fashion favored by MM, always perfect rendering of the Lady's elegance and noble. Classic urban women of color create unique temperament, add exquisite vintage atmosphere. Regardless of the color or style are a rich sense of hierarchy.

Soft rabbit fur felt comfortable, fine and flat pins and neckline and of high quality pattern knit skirt, reflected the delicate textures, matching bound pants simple leisure, no pressure. wholesale women's clothing. Coarse weave knit texture combined with excellent thermal properties of wool, this sweater texture and features are very good. Deeply shallow gradient layer tones with rich visual effects, shoulder line edition-free bra that mix loose, as dress and match it very desirable. Do not choose the build version suitable for various sizes of girls

Close were profitable, the luster is silky smooth and pure white knitted sweater mosaics, sense visually rich, warm yet elegant at the same time. White hat design adds vitality, matching tights, is best choice for long legs girl.
A simple tie dyed denim shirt just let nature take its course to become the international big-time and superstar who preferred items, a mixture of adding leisure, upper body comfort out.

Washed Denim Blue, set off this summer's breath, the swaying sea dress you should remember to take this has kind of Delta short shirt on, suihua package adds colorful atmosphere.

Cowboy leisure sense of vibrant blue shirt, denim blue clothes gives casual comfortable feel, matching fashion hats caps but also make people feel more cordial, dual pockets lineage neutral wind, taking the outer wear fashion and generous, wholesale clothing sleeve buttons shell nosing, skinny cropped and wealthy curved hem all appear to be so free and easy, neat. Understanding of wrinkle cute puff sleeve shirt, shoulder fold puff sleeve design, fabric non-elastic, cuffs Decorative bows, wear out a lift can be easily build elegant princess intellectual temperament.

Fresh and pleasant denim shirts, fine lines, exquisite workmanship, loose design, coupled with the star of the rivet decorated with a lovely woman.

Skirt and stockings has always been a perfect match, but up to now the pursuit of innovation, forced to split up the two, collocation looks vest and stockings also makes it easy for people to accept. Unwilling to mediocrity, you can also try a bold silk stockings, legs are not the same color. They are korean fashion clothing

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